Dumbass Sayings: “Lip Service”

Sometimes you hear a schizophrenic person on the street randomly yell “I’m sick of getting nothing but lip service from politicians!” For some reason we live in a world where the term “lip service” is considered a bad thing. To me, “lip service” is and should be to everyone, a slang euphemism for oral romance. The thing about saying “lip service” is it could mean the promise of oral to both men and women which is pretty special. If you’re a woman it could mean someone will be servicing your lips (labia) and if you’re a man then obviously you think of a woman servicing your knob with their lips (face lips). I have a problem with this phrase being taken to mean when someone says a thing to placate another while not meaning it. If you pay someone “lip service” it usually means you’re just telling them what they want to hear. I don’t know how that translates to “lip service” though. Words don’t come out of your lips. You could say “mouth service” but then that would be even more obviously a term for oral; same for “throat service.” How about just not even call it a “service” because it isn’t. No one pays to be placated, it’s patronizing and insulting. The whole idea of being paid lip service is that you don’t like it. Why contradict the meaning of this idea with a phrase that sounds like it means the complete opposite? It doesn’t make sense.

What else are lips for? Pretty much nothing aside from the obvious.

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