Ask McFartnuggets: “What Would Happen if There Was No Google?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
What would happen in this world if there was no Google? Would people be able to survive? I can’t imagine this world with no Google! Where would we get our maps? Where would we look things up and learn information facts? When someone said “Google it” what would you do if there was no Google? Would everyone go crazy with riots and start armageddon? It’s scary to think about, no? -- Wilmer from Pasadena, California

Dear Wilmer:
Well people would just use Yahoo! or something, probably not Bing though. I assume you're referring to search engines in general. This might come to you as some surprise, but people lived in a time without Google for many years. In fact, comparatively, the majority of human existence has occurred without Google. Now while Google is great and has helped a lot of people, it isn’t critical to human survival. It’s more of a luxury for people who grew up with libraries and books. Sure it took longer to get information, but that sort of built character. These days if you want to know what year Lady Gaga was born you just Google it, but before Google you would have to go to a library and look it up and the thing is, no one would do that because that’s not important enough to know. People only used their time to look up shit that was important. So honestly, if you add up all the seconds we take looking up worthless information, it probably equates to the extra amount of time you’d spend in a library without Google. If there was no Google people would have more discipline because they’d have to take more time to learn things and they’d have better judgement about what information was a waste of time and what wasn’t. Sure you might not know how many children LeBron James has and what their names are, but why would you ever need to know that? I don’t think much would change without Google. It’s a great tool, but Wikipedia is a better educational tool than Google. People would just have to use the Yellow Pages to find businesses and yeah that takes a little more time, but sometimes taking your time results in more satisfying payoffs. Google indulges people’s curiosities and most curiosities are not linked to necessary information. It would not be the end of the world.

Taking Google out of the search engine game would be like taking all the White people out of the Republican party.

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