Dumbass Song Lyrics: “You Got Me Wide Open”

The band “Backstreet Boys” released a song called “In A World Like This” in 2013 in which the phrase “You got me wide open” is repeated several times. As with most songs by boy bands (or man bands as the Backstreet Boys are by now) it’s about love and how a woman makes them feel. The song is basically a love letter to a woman, but what I’m wondering is in what situation do you ever tell a woman “You got me wide open”? What would that even mean? Now, that is a thing people say sometimes, but usually it’s during pornos and it’s the woman saying it. Now I don’t know what the Backstreet Boys are doing behind closed doors and it’s none of my business, this is just a weird thing to say to someone. “You got me wide open” sounds like something a woman says to her gynecologist. That’s one rare scenario where saying that would make contextual sense. However, no one would actually say that because it’s too awkward. The gynecologist could only respond with “Yes, that is an accurate description of the situation right now.” If you’re a man getting his prostate checked you might say “You got me wide open!” to the doctor. I don’t know why he has you all the way open, that’s really not necessary. You just need a finger or two, anything more than that and you have a potential malpractice suit on your hands. Maybe you enjoy women putting things in your ass in the bedroom, hey that’s cool, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for songs.

"Do you have a mask for my other mouth?"

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