Ask McFartnuggets: “If Reincarnation is Real Then is Killing Animals Good?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I don’t want to die so I like the idea of reincarnation and being reborn over and over again, I’m just trying to understand a little bit more about it. According to reincarnation when you die your soul goes into a baby or an animal. If that’s true then wouldn’t it be good to kill animals? Because then by killing animals you’d be releasing their souls and since they were murdered, those animal souls who used to be people could go back into new people and live better more enriching human lives. Now that would be bad karma to kill animals, but since you’re releasing their souls and advancing them in the reincarnation chain then that would actually be doing them a favor and if you’re doing it for that reason then that’s actually a good thing. So if reincarnation is real shouldn’t killing animals be good karma? -- Donna from Wichita, Kansas

Dear Donna:
That might be true if living as an animal was that bad. Thing about it is, I don’t think animals have it so bad. Those that do have it bad like animals with birth defects usually end up dying pretty quickly because humans don’t try as hard as we do with other humans to keep them alive. If the human’s soul was conscious in the animal then I would agree, however according to reincarnation you don’t know about your past lives. If you did then most people would be completely insane walking around like immortal gods who’ve lived a thousand lifetimes. Killing animals will never be good karma even if their souls did continue to move on without any real damage. The reason for that is animals are part of an ecosystem and if we decided to do a mass animal holocaust as a good deed it would end up causing human beings harm and that would then cancel out the goodness of converting the animal soul back to human bodies. Just try not to kill anything or anyone. If their souls do move on after the death of their body then it will happen and continue to happen throughout eternity. Your intervention isn’t necessary and would not be rewarded.

It's okay, they're people now.

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