Ask McFartnuggets: “Was Michael Jackson Transracial?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
With all this talk about Rachel Dolezal, the issue of transracial people is being treated like a brand new thing. Don’t you think people are forgetting about Michael Jackson? This isn’t a new thing. Michael Jackson was Black and he became White. He was the opposite of Rachel Dolezal years and years before she was in the news, back when she was White! Isn’t it sad how quickly we’ve forgotten about the King of Pop? -- Ethan from Galveston, Texas

Dear Ethan:
The reason people don’t bring up Michael Jackson in this discussion is because Michael Jackson wasn’t exactly transracial. He never officially claimed to be White. White was just how everyone else saw him, that’s the key thing to keep in mind. His outward physical identity was that of a White woman, but his inside identity that he believed was a Black man. Some may have viewed him as a White man, some may have viewed him as a Black woman, that’s what makes it all very confusing. We have two identities: the one that we believe in our minds and the one that other people see. The ideal situation is to have those two match exactly, but when you’re a little different the trouble comes in reconciling the two. Ultimately, you’re not transracial unless you truly believe you’re another ethnicity. At that point it’s up to you to do your best to match what you think you are so you can trick people like Rachel Dolezal apparently did. If you do a good enough job you’ll be fine. If not and you get caught, expect people to be very offended. That goes the same for transgender. If you’re good enough to fool people into believing you were born a woman then great, but if you still have a penis that’s going to offend a lot of people, especially if they paid good money to sleep with a real woman.

Just because he became as white as his glove doesn't mean he was transracial.

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