Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do Hobos Live in Cities?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Hey why do hobos live in big cities? Why wouldn’t they just move into the woods and build a treehouse or something and live off the fat of the land? It takes money to live in cities and you gotta be around people with money all the time sitting on a dirty ass street watching rich people walk by. Who would do that to themselves? Just go into the rainforest and build an adobe hut or some shit and live like a hipster or something. Then you could just hunt for food and farm grains and crops. There wouldn’t even be homelessness if every hobo did that. Why don’t they just do that? -- Kelly from Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Kelly:
Well, first of all the politically correct term is “houseless individuals” not “hobo.” Also, if all houseless people did this, we'd have no more rainforest. deforestation is as big of a problem as homelessness, so you’re not really solving anything there. As for why these people choose to live in cities, a lot of them don’t have the outdoorsmen skills necessary to build huts and shelters out of scratch. A lot of them don’t have the skills to hunt and farm. Most of them were born in cities and that’s the only life they know and they just want to hold onto something that reminds them of their former life. It’s easy to say, “why don’t you just make a treehouse?” but unless you’re in that homeless person’s plastic bags on feet, you can’t judge them. It’s not that easy. Now if you want to build them the treehouse that’s great. Just don’t be surprised if they aren’t jumping at the chance to live inside it. These are free people and they know it. They can go anywhere they want and they can pretty much do anything they want as long as it doesn’t involve money. They make their own decisions and one of the most common is to live in major metropolises. That’s their choice and you should respect it.

There are plenty of country and suburban hobos. You don't see them, but they're out there.

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