Ask McFartnuggets: “What is Encyclopedia?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I heard the other day this word “encyclopedia” what is this? I am a teenager so I don’t know this word. What is this to mean? Is it a nickname for a pedophile on a bicycle? -- Maxx from Paris, Texas

Dear Maxx:
Wow, I forgot that kids today are growing up completely different than I did. Believe it or not, people back in the olden times used to use encyclopedias to learn about various subjects. People would go to “libraries” which were essentially cement structures where people would read tangible, printed websites called “books.” One kind of those “books” was the “encyclopedia” which was basically like Wikipedia made out of tree shavings called “paper.” I know it wasn’t very green of people to be cutting down trees to make thick collections of information, but it’s all they had. The nice thing about encyclopedias was that you could pretty much 100% trust the information inside it. It was very rare for anyone to edit or add in their own information the way people do on Wikipedia. Even if you did see the sentence “Albert Einstein wore a wig on his penis and named it Barbara” written in there it’d probably be in pen so you would know immediately not to include that in your school report. With Wikipedia you have to be very mindful of sources and who last edited the page. If you’d like to learn more I would recommend researching encyclopedias on Wikipedia. Just make sure it wasn’t “last edited by EinsteinsDickWig.”

That's right, before Bing there was the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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