Ask McFartnuggets: “Was Ralph Nader Responsible For 9/11?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
People blame Ralph Nader for taking voters away from Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election so if he hadn’t ran and Al Gore became President do you think Al Gore would have paid more attention to the warnings the President was getting about Bin Laden attacking America that Bush ignored? If people blame Ralph Nader for costing Gore the election shouldn’t he also be blamed for 9/11 and then even the Iraq War and the devastation of the American economy? -- Gwendolyn from Pasadena, California

Dear Gwendolyn:
I don’t think you can blame Ralph Nader for 9/11, that’s a bit much. According the numbers, George W. Bush beat Al Gore in the deciding state of Florida by only 543 votes. You could just as easily blame any of the other 3rd party candidates for not dropping out. Nader was the most popular of them so he carried the blame for that. Even if you believe Nader spoiled the election for Gore and like to think that Gore would have become President, there’s no sure way to say he would have for sure prevented 9/11. Odds are, it, or something very similar would have happened eventually. Bin Laden was “determined” to strike as the warning said and unless the country was put on high alert and started instituting policies like we have today back then before any of it seemed necessary, I don’t see how it could have been prevented. You couldn’t just make people take off their shoes in the airport or ban box cutters before 9/11. That’s the whole reason that stuff was allowed to begin with, people thought it was their right and there was no reason to start sacrificing those rights. As far as the Iraq War goes, maybe Gore wouldn’t have invaded Iraq. Maybe he would have gone right to Afghanistan instead and saved thousands of American lives along with a trillion dollars. However there’s no way to say what would have happened with Saddam Hussein. There’s the possibility that he would have one day gotten a nuke or helped terrorists. You can’t say for sure. Things could be a lot worse just as much as they could be a lot better.  It really just depends on what side of the political aisle you’re on and what you want to believe. As long as you’re alive you can’t really complain about what was done wrong because there’s a chance you could be dead if things were done differently. And if you’re dead you can’t complain either so it’s best to just take things on in the present and forget about what could be different if you can’t change it.

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