Dumbass Sayings: “Focus On What You Have”

Sometimes when you’re spiraling into a crippling depression the bartender will say “Hey man, just focus on what you have in life not what you don’t!” Yeah that’s great, unless what you have is Herpes. Sometimes what we have is the whole reason we’re sad. For example if you have a crumbling marriage, a crappy job, and anal warts that’s pretty much all you need to be depressed. When someone tells you to focus on what you have that’s basically like handing them a loaded gun and saying “Hold on, let me get this on Instagram.” Now you could easily remedy this sloppy, lazy, poorly worded phrase of encouragement by simply saying “Focus on THE GOOD THINGS you have” but a surprising number of people don’t bother with that. I suppose that’s because they’re always positive and so they never stop to think that maybe some people have bad things in their life that they’re trying to escape. They don’t stop to think that sometimes in order to escape the bad things you have to run toward the good things that you don’t have. If that’s the case then you should be focusing on what you don’t have! So before you tell someone to focus on what they have, make sure you know exactly what they have and what they don’t have otherwise you’re just going to sound like a fool.

Yeah let me focus on what I have, like my kidney stone collection.

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