Dumbass Sayings: “Work Longer Hours”

Sometimes when poor people are trying to get the corporations they work for to increase their hourly wages to above poverty levels, someone from the company says “You want to make more money? Work longer hours!” That’s an interesting concept. Work longer hours? Hours are always 60 minutes long each. There’s no way to shorten or lengthen an hour. Hours might seem longer or shorter in your mind depending on what you’re doing with them. Working hours that seem long would only compound your misery. No one can alter the definition of what an hour is. Maybe if you became emperor of the world and told everyone hours would be 120 minutes long then you could work longer hours, but that wouldn’t help. You’d be better off making hours shorter… Then again, at that point you’d be emperor of the world so money would have no value to you.

Even if you had a device to alter and stretch the fabric of time it wouldn’t help you make more money. You’d still be getting paid the same hourly rate. Plus, if you had such a device you could most likely make trillions of dollars from it because it would change everything about what people thought they knew about physics and the universe. No, that’s not a proper solution at all. I think what people mean when they say “Work longer hours” is “Work MORE hours.” Is that so difficult to say? Or maybe they mean “Work longer workdays” which would imply more hours, a measure of quantity. It’s crazy how someone can get so far in the world without understanding how words work. The concept of time is confusing, I get that. No one truly understands how that works, but language is completely within our mental grasp so there’s no excuse for sayings like this.

First, discover what dark matter is, then manipulate it in such a way as to redefine the concept of spacetime.

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