Dumbass Sayings: "I’m Anal"

Sometimes you’ll be on a date with a woman and out of the blue she says “I’m really anal!” Inside you think “Okay good to know. I’ll take that little nugget of information for later!” Then later on there turns out to be a huge misunderstanding in the back of your car and the night ends horribly. The whole problem is this phrase “I’m anal.” You can’t describe yourself as a major sex act. When you say “anal” most people automatically assume you’re referring to “anal sex” NOT being organized. Why do we have to use the term anal for that? Just say you’re OCD. Even if it’s not clinically true at least there’s no misunderstanding in what you’re trying to communicate there. There’s really no reason to get anuses involved in this. Plus, if you were really anally retentive you probably wouldn’t want to bring up messy buttholes during dinner. That sounds more like the activity of an anally expulsive person. Plus, modern psychology has moved away from the whole “anal” diagnosis. Freud came up with that. He was the same guy who said everyone wants to bang their mother, I’m presuming anally depending on a few different factors. Personally I don’t subscribe to any of that and I think it’s something we could all do without.

No self respecting anal person would do something like this.

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