Dumbass Sayings: “Take Care”

When you’re ending a phone call with someone they’ll sometimes say “Okay bye. Take care!” Take care where? Where do I take it and what do I do with it once I get there? Should I give it to someone else? Does it matter who I give it to? I mean it’s your care, you don’t care who gets your care? Should I just put it under my bed and hide it away? Should I eat it and try to make it a part of my own soul? There are so many options here I’m not prepared for this. Why is my job now to be a transporter of care? Great now I have this responsibility to take care. What a burden to lay on someone. Fuck you! YOU take care! Take all my care and load it onto your back. How does that feel? How do you like it? Basically saying “take care” is just a less ominous and threatening way of saying “be careful.” There’s a reason you don’t say “be careful” to people who are just leaving to go to the store. We’re not in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. If you told people “be careful” instead of “take care” most people would answer “Be careful of what?” Exactly. And since the two phrases mean basically the same thing, “take care” is just as ridiculous.

I told her to take care... She should have listened!

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