Dumbass Sayings: “I Could Give a Rat’s Ass”

Sometimes when you’re telling people about all the charity work you do for the homeless they say “I could give a rat’s ass!” Okay well that’s rude, but more importantly, how would you “give a rat’s ass?” There are a few problems with this. Firstly, I don’t think rats even have asses. I’ve never seen a rat twerking, have you? Secondly, even if a rat did have an ass, how would you give one? Would you cut the ass off of a rat and then hand it to someone? Thirdly, how is that a sign of caring or not caring about something? Unless you’re a cat, giving a rat as a gift is not a recognized gesture of anything. Fourthly, a rat’s ass is not yours to give. That’s the property of a rat. Now if you want to “give a shit” and it’s your own shit then please be my guest, but don’t go around just co-opting the anatomy of rodents for your bizarre metaphoric purposes. And fifthly, what does it even mean that you “could give a rat’s ass”? So you could give a rat’s ass, but you don’t because giving a rat’s ass means you’re interested and you’re not, or does it mean that you could easily give a rat’s ass and that means you aren’t interested because merely a rat’s ass (i.e. something of little value)? Frankly, I don’t think either explanation is valid. This is an insane thing to say that literally makes no sense in any possible way.

You literally can't give a rat's ass. It's like dividing 0 by 0.

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