Dumbass Sayings: “I Need This Money, I Have a Baby on the Way!”

One pretty common thing you hear on game shows is “I need this money, I have a baby on the way!” If you need money, don’t have a baby. It’s pretty simple. Babies are like cars. Think of that Nationwide commercial with the giant babies. You wouldn’t lease an expensive car if you had no money, so why would you birth a baby with no money? If only baby dealerships What moron has a baby and then tries to figure out how to get the money to raise it properly in good health after the fact? This is what’s wrong with the world. Too many people who can’t afford to have children have them anyway and the kid gets poor healthcare, a crappy education, and grows up to be a sick dummy who only takes resources and contributes none. I’m not saying only wealthy people should breed, I’m saying people should have enough money to facilitate a plan on how to raise a kid. You can’t just raise a kid freestyle with no money and think that’s going to turn out okay. You gambled with an expired condom that broke and now you’re gambling with the future of your child because you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. That wouldn’t be a huge problem, but this is happening on a wide scale and collectively it’s threatening the progress of humankind.

Condoms are a pretty good long term investment.

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