Dumbass Sayings: “Brain Fart”

Sometimes your doctor misdiagnoses a heart condition after failing to read one of your medical reports and prescribes you a potentially lethal medication. When you confront him about this he says “Hey sorry about that. I had a little bit of a brain fart.” I really don’t like this term “brain fart.” What the hell is a “brain fart”? There’s a reason people never use the term “Ass fart.” That’s because there’s only one type of fart. You didn’t have a “Brain fart” you just did something really stupid. There’s a difference. Plus, no one “has” a fart. You “make” a fart. That’s your first sign this is a bullshit term. If it was real mental flatulence then you’d say “I brain farted” or “I made a brain fart.” The closest thing to an actual “brain fart” is a stroke. Of course that’s a serious life threatening thing and using the term “fart” (which are almost 100% non fatal) to describe such an event is inappropriate at best. Still, the major characteristic of a fart that makes a fart a fart is the sound. Unless your brain is making sounds when you do something idiotic, it’s not a fart. Just because you have shit for brains doesn’t mean your brain is farting.

Cerebral aneurysms are silent, but deadly.

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