Dumbass Sayings: “May God Have Mercy on Your Soul”

Sometimes when someone murders your family instead of vowing revenge you might say “May god have mercy on your soul!” This never made sense to me. Why would you want God to have mercy on them after they’ve done such a horrible thing? If God is going to take mercy on them then what’s the purpose of Hell? Does Hell even exist in that case? Clearly people have to be punished for the horrible things they do. Are people being sarcastic when they say this? If they are it’s not obvious enough. I suppose it’s meant to be sarcastic. People want to take the high road so instead of cursing and saying how they’re going to burn in hell they say “May God have mercy on your soul” knowing that’s not going to happen. But what if it did. What if God hears that and goes “Alright fine, if that’s what you want!” Then God forgives them and brings the murderer to heaven. Is that really what you want? That means someone who just did drugs a lot goes to Hell and this murderer goes to Heaven just because you asked god to have mercy on one and not the other. Maybe God isn’t the best judge of sarcasm. Thing is, with all the times we say “Thank God” when we find leftover cheese in the fridge and “Goddamnit!” when we hit our toe on something you have to imagine God tunes most of that out. “May God have mercy on your soul” has to be treated the same as those other terms to God’s ears. He’s entirely ignoring us at this point, which is likely why your families are allowed to be murdered to begin with.

If enough people ask god to have mercy on someone maybe he grants a pardon.

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