Dumbass Sayings: “One Trick Pony”

When you’re having your yearly performance review in your boss’ office he says shit like “We need you to start being more versatile around here. You’re a one trick pony and we need more out you!” This phrase “one trick pony” doesn’t really make sense to me. The main problem with it is, there’s no such thing as a “two trick pony” or a “three trick pony.” When have you ever seen a multiple trick pony? What other tricks can a pony have? A pony pretty much just runs. I guess that’s what their trick is, but I would hesitate to call that a “trick.” Ponies run. That’s what ponies do. This would be like calling breathing and taking a shit a “trick.” Well if those are tricks then call me David Fucking Copperfield. Running, simply put, is not a trick. The only time running would be a trick is if you’re in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, ponies never are in wheelchairs. I say unfortunately because instead of giving them a wheelchair, people just shoot them in the head with a rifle. So if there can’t be a “two trick pony” then a one trick pony is pretty much all you can possibly be. Of course, it’s not all you can be, therefore the phrase is the problem, not the concept.

There's a reason you don't see too many pony magicians.

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