Dumbass Sayings: “Sitting There with Your Thumb Up Your Ass”

Sometimes when you’re not too busy at work your boss will walk up and say “Wake up! Don’t just sit there with your thumb up your ass!” What a strange thing to say. I’m very interested to know how this even became a saying. Who was the first person to put their thumb in their anus out of sheer boredom and then leave it there like it was just a natural state of affairs? How does one sit with their thumb up their ass? You must have to make a thumbs up gesture with your hand and then balance on the upright thumb side of your fist. That sounds very tricky and uncomfortable. I’d surely tip over several times doing that. Clearly, sitting down with your thumb up your ass isn’t a mundane behavior. Doing such a thing would actually be the complete opposite of not working. Balancing your asshole on your thumb just doesn’t equate with laziness and it’s definitely not an acceptable activity at work. If you were doing that at work you’d most likely get fired or at least get a very stern talking to. For some reason this phrase has become synonymous with “twiddling your thumbs” when it really should be used to describe more of a juggling act, like “Hey get your thumb out of your ass and use two hands for this task.”

If you're going to suck your thumb make sure it's BEFORE you put it up your ass.

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