The Top 5 Causes That Never Get a Charity Walk

You always see charity walks for Lou Gehrig’s disease or breast cancer, but what about the causes that never get charity walks for some reason? Here are the top 5 causes that you never see a charity walk for:

5. Feline AIDS
Feline AIDS affects anywhere from 2.5% to 4.4% of all cats worldwide and to this day there is no known cure. While cats can live up to 10 years after being diagnosed with the proper medicine, it’s still a very serious condition that deserves more attention.

4. Paraplegia
Paraplegia is one of the major causes that don’t get any charity walks for obvious reasons. This is a catch-22 situation where the only way you could have a Paraplegia charity walk is if there was already a cure to eliminate it.

3. Inverted nipples
People hear of inverted nipples and the first thing they think is “Haha, that must be a joke.” This is a major reason we need more inverted nipple charity walks. 10 to 20% of all women are born with inverted nipples, but it can also strike men as well. You probably know at least one person who has been affected or know someone who’s been affected by inverted nipples.

2. Rectal Prolapse
Most people don’t like to talk about rectal prolapses, besides that creepy guy Glen at work. Still, it is a problem that real people have to face and it’s best if they don’t have to face that problem in alone in shame and darkness. We should have more charity walks to show our support for people with prolapsed rectums despite how difficult it must be to walk with a prolapsed rectum.

And the number one cause that needs charity walks is...

1. Obesity
If any cause should have a charity walk it’s obesity. If obesity had a charity walk then you wouldn’t have to explain to anyone how it’s helping the cause. How do charity walks raise money for causes? Why would anyone pay someone else to walk? Well if you were walking for obesity it’d be pretty obvious. Not only would you be raising money for the cause but you’d be burning into the deadly excess of calories you have stored in your body fat.

Why wait for a Diabetes walk tomorrow when you could do an Obesity walk today?

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