Dumbass Sayings: “It’s a Gas”

Sometimes when you ask your grandma how the Rolling Stones concert was she says “It was a gas, gas gas!” I really don’t understand how this saying “It’s a gas” came to mean something fun. What’s really confusing is that it’s a saying elderly people started when they were young. The thing is, when they were young World War II was going on. World War II featured the Holocaust and a major part of the Holocaust was concentration camps. Concentration camps of course featured gas chambers. Obviously that was horrific beyond anything most people can imagine. The scars on humanity from that are still around even to this day. Even before that there was the introduction of mustard gas in World War I. Now how so many people affected by those wars could come up with the term “It’s a gas” to mean “fun times” is really beyond me. Gas is almost always a bad thing. Even when people fart it’s never pleasant. Sure farts can be fun, but there are plenty of things more fun. Farts are always a little bittersweet. Yes they produce a funny sound which is hilarious, but once you get the smell of someone else’s fart in your mouth and hits your tongue, that’s not my idea of a great time.

It's not a party unless there's vesicants involved!

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