Dumbass Sayings: “Dick Move”

When you drink too much before a funeral and end up accidentally vomiting into the open casket people say “Hey man, that was a real dick move…” A “dick move”? Why do we call bad behaviors “dick moves”? There’s nothing wrong with a dick move. If it wasn’t for dick moves none of us would be here. Having intercourse and throwing up sperm into a vagina is a total dick move, literally. Is that considered a bad thing? No, that’s pretty much the best possible thing for most people on this planet. When something fun or exciting happens it makes your “dick move.” That’s how you can tell you’re having a good time. When I’m at the circus and I feel my dick move it lets me know I’m in the right place and things are going good in life. My whole philosophy in life is find out what makes your “dick move” and then just go after that because that’s where your dreams are hiding. So enough of this calling bad things “dick moves” business. If you see someone doing something bad then call it an “asshole move.” When an asshole is moving it usually means there’s about to be shit coming out of it or someone’s puckering their anus. Either way, that’s generally very bad news.

Well that's the ultimate dick move.

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