Dumbass Sayings: “No Love Lost”

When you see two crackheads fighting in the street usually a third crackhead will start narrating and doing the play-by-play commentary. One popular phrase they’ll say is “There’s no love lost between these two, folks!” What the hell is this supposed to mean? Now think about this, if you say there’s “no love lost” between two people then that could easily mean they love each other, being that none of the love was lost. All their love would still be intact. When two people have no love lost between them and that means they hate each other then there’s also no hate lost either. So you could also say “There’s no hate lost between these two!” and have it mean the same thing as “no love lost.” All their hate is very much visible and possessed. If you can say the exact opposite of a phrase and have it mean the same thing, to me, that’s a bullshit phrase. This is just a goofy ass saying that doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Of course there's love lost. That's why they're fighting in the first place.

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