Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Rude to Be Honest?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I’m an honest person and I always tell people the truth. If I see someone who looks goofy as fuck I’ll just straight out tell them “Your eyes are too close together,” or “Damn you got some big ass, oddly angled ears!” People say I’m rude for doing this, but I’m just pointing out facts. Is it rude to tell the truth? I’m like a roll-your-own cigarette, I have no filter. I was under the understanding it was rude to lie to people. How can it be rude to lie to people and tell the truth? What choice do I have? I’d rather be honest than bullshit people and tell them they have normal faces. Sorry, that’s just how I was raised. I was raised to be honest to people! -- Monay from Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Monay:
It can be rude to be honest unless you’re honest about everything including your own life and yourself. Everyone has unfortunate characteristics so if you’re going to highlight that in other people you should first point it out on yourself. If you’re someone who goes around pointing out the flaws of others without being honest about yourself then that does make you a rude jerk. If you begin your observation by mentioning something wrong with you first then it’s perfectly fine to be honest provided the flaws are equivalent. We can always choose what to be honest about so if you’re going to remove your filter then the honesty has to flow all over, you can’t try to redirect it away from yourself. The first step is being honest about yourself and that honesty may prove that you’re a rude asshole who likes pointing out other people’s flaws. Thanks for the question.

Sometimes the truest statements can be the harshest insults.

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