Ask McFartnuggets: “If You’re Not Bisexual Aren’t You Sexist?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
People be talking about sexism and how sexism is a huge problem in the world today, though how you gonna say sexism is a big problem when almost erryone is sexist? Hear me out, aren’t you sexist if you’re a straight person because you find the idea of having sex with a person of the same sex gross and weird? If you’re a straight man then you sexist against men because you think they look disgusting naked and you would never have sex with one. If you felt the same way against Black people then you would be considered racist, wouldn’t you? I mean you can’t just say “I will never have sex with a Black person no matter what, that’s gross.” That would be racist as hell. You might have preferences but you can’t just make a blanket statement like that. You have to allow for the possibility there would be a Black woman who you would want to sleep with and if you’re not racist then that’s a distinct possibility even if it ain’t yo cuppa tea. So why is it okay to be that way about genders? How come this isn’t a definition of sexism? -- Avery from Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Avery:
Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh… I guess you have a point there. The thing is, people’s sexual preference is sort of an accepted sexism. Of course you’re discriminating against people of your same gender, but there’s not really any malice involved the way there can be in traditional sexism. When you add to the fact that nearly all sexism occurs from one gender to the other, you can’t relate what you’re talking about to that issue. If you did then every heterosexual sexist person would be sexist against both genders for different reasons and that shouldn’t be possible. One of those sexisms would have to be negated and since sexism that demeans women is more prevalent and really the only sexism that exists right now, you can’t equate that to the sexism involved in simply not wanting to have sex with someone.

"Sexism" is just what we call unfair treatment of women.

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