Dumbass Sayings: “More Power To You”

Sometimes when you tell someone you’re going to sleep with their mother they say “I don’t give a rat’s ass. If you want to bone that dirty old skank then MORE POWER TO YOU!” More power to me? Now this is a confusing expression because it has two distinct meanings. The original meaning is for use in the following example:

“I got the job,” said Roscoe.
“I guess you deserved it more than me. More power to you!” said Gibblets.

In this case it’s meant to be a praise of someone’s success. The problem started when people began to use this in a sarcastic manner. Now when you say “Hey I’m gonna go to the titty club, get shithammered and try to pay one of them stripper ladies to tongue varnish my knob” your ex-wife says “Good! More power to ya!” Now obviously she’s not praising any success. In this context she’s basically saying “I don’t care. This is why I divorced you to begin with.” Now phrases are allowed to be used sarcastically, but when people don’t know the original meaning of the phrase, (the unsarcastic version) then they don’t even know they’re being sarcastic and that’s stupid. You need to know you’re being sarcastic when you’re being sarcastic otherwise it’s not really happening. How about instead of saying cryptic shit like “More power to you” just say “Good job.”? I think that would clear up a lot of confusion.
You want to spend your free time practicing to be a mime? MORE POWER TO YOU!

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