Dumbass Sayings: “High Horse”

Sometimes when you’re explaining to a group of college kids why rape is bad they say “Hey man! Get off your high horse!” First off, my horse is not high. What kind of sick fuck would give drugs to their horse?! Unless it’s purely recreational and the horse does it on his own then I’d have to advise against getting your horse high. And if you’re not referring to an inebriated stallion, what the hell do you mean a “high horse”? Sitting on pretty much any horse unless it’s a shetland pony will put you higher above other humans. You can just say “Get off your horse.” I don’t think horse height is a matter of note here. This saying is just weird. Ultimately, if you have a horse and everyone else listening to you doesn’t that automatically makes you the leader. Obviously you did something to get that horse. You can’t just tell someone to get off their horse. Just listen and be glad they’re not trampling you.

Friends don't let friends give drugs to horses.

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