Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Try So Hard to Get a Foul Ball?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Whenever a foul ball at a baseball game is hit into the crowd all the people flock like starving dogs over a lamp chop. Do they even know that baseballs are rubbed with mud and the pitchers lick their fingers then touch the ball. The pitchers wipe their sweat on the ball too.There’s god knows what on those balls and people are chasing them like they’re gold! Not to mention they have no actual value. It’s a foul ball. If it’s a record breaking home run ball then I could understand the excitement. It’s just a foul ball, it’s no different than the balls that the pitcher throws in the dirt that the catcher throws away like trash. What the hell is wrong with people? -- Stephin from Thousand Oaks, California

Dear Stephin:
It can look a little strange to see people fighting tooth and nail over a foul ball, but you have to keep in mind that these are people watching a baseball game. There’s all this pent up emotion being built up in these people as they watch a fairly slow paced, non-physical game. So when it comes time where there is actually a piece of the game put into their area they’re going to get a little crazy. Plus it’s a nice souvenir to have. Everyone wants a souvenir. For fathers bringing their kids to the game it’s a sign of manhood to catch a foul ball or wrestle one out of the hands of another man/woman/child to give to their kid. The kid will cherish the ball for a long time not even realizing how insignificant to the game it was.

Fans will bite the head off a player to grab a ball that only means anything because of the players.

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