Dumbass Sayings: “No Parent Should Ever Have to Bury Their Child”

Whenever someone dies and they have living parents people always say “No parent should ever have to bury their child!” Because of course the first thing someone wants to hear when their child dies is a “Lord of the Rings” quote. No one should ever have to bury ANYONE, but it happens. What is someone supposed to say in response to this when their child dies? “Thanks!”? It’s just an awkward statement to make to someone. I don’t know why people put the word “bury” in there. Why not just say “No parent should ever have their child die.” First off, I think this is a given. I don’t know why this needs to be said. Is this in some way encouraging cremating children? Yeah no parent should ever have to bury their child, thank god for cremation! I’d damn sure hope they aren’t leaving the door open to taxidermy. Children are typically not cremated because they don’t understand the symbolism. Also if you ask most children while they’re alive if they want to be burned into ash would answer with an emphatic “NO!” This saying should be “No parent should ever have to bury or cremate their child, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do!” Of course that might not be something you say to someone after their child passes, it’s more of a general statement about life.

No parent should ever have to spend this much on a baby coffin either.

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