Ask McFartnuggets: “Should Kids Be Allowed to Use The Word ‘Sucks’?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I’m always hearing kids saying “Hey that sucks” or “This sucks” or “That sucks!” Sometimes the kids are really young, as young as maybe six years old. The parents of these kids just let them say it too. Do they realize what these kids are saying? When someone says “That sucks” they’re referring to the act of sucking a penis, correct? What else could it possibly mean? Why do we let children say this? Why is this an okay thing to say in society? -- Tammy from Sherman Oaks, California

Dear Tammy:
I believe that is what it’s referring to, but I don’t think that exact imagery is in people’s minds when they’re saying it. When a kid says “This blows” or “That sucks” they’re not really thinking about the act of fellatio. It’s an example of how a term can take off on its own and obtain an altogether new meaning. Of course if someone actually meant “This sucks penis” then that would be a good thing. You would say that about things you liked. Example: “That concert was great, it really sucked my penis!” That’s not how the phrase is used though. “That sucks” simply means “That is not good.” In that way, it’s less a term relating to the act of fellatio and more related to the type of person who would perform fellatio i.e. a cocksucker. So when someone says “That sucks” they’re using the negative connotation connected with the word cocksucker to describe something else. The fact that this is so far removed from the actual origin is what allows parents and kids to be oblivious to the true meaning of “suck.”

Oh come on, I can't even see what's going on here! This sucks!

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