Ask McFartnuggets: “When Hoverchairs Come Out Will You Wish You Were Handicapped?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
People who have to use wheelchairs have it bad, but hoverboard technology will one day lead to hover wheelchairs or hoverchairs. When that day comes do you think people will wish they were handicapped so they can get one? You could ride in them with working legs, but it would be like riding around in a normal wheelchair, people would see that as disrespectful. A hoverchair could be like an all-in-one transportation, entertainment, mobile communication hub/office. Things are going to look pretty good for handicapped people in the future don’t you think? -- Yancy from Pig Hook, Arkansas

Dear Yancy:
First of all the term is “handicapable.” Secondly, I don’t think there will ever come a time when people will wish to be confined to any type of chair even if it hovers. Have you even seen the hoverboard they have right now? It’s the size of a mini trampoline and hovers a centimeter off the ground. I think the future of handicapable people involves artificial robotic limbs which are much cooler. Hopefully there will come a time when people who don’t have functioning legs can have robot legs installed that make them ten times stronger than the strongest human and faster too. If that ever comes to pass then I believe you will see people wishing to be paralyzed or at the very least it won’t be seen as such a bad thing since you get robolegs.

The main problem with hoverchairs will be the price. Not every handicapable person will be capable of affording one.

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