Dumbass Sayings: “Match Made in Heaven”

Whenever people are talking about a perfect couple they say shit like “Randolph and Janet are a match made in heaven!” I don’t quite understand this saying. Things don’t get matched up in Heaven then come down to Earth. What sense would that make? If you’re in Heaven just stay up there, it’s probably a lot nicer there. Which leads me to the next question, do people hook up in Heaven? That doesn’t seem to be appropriate. Let’s say you’re in Heaven and you see a fine ass ho, you go up and say “Hey baby are your wings tired because you’ve been flying through my head all day?” You go out on a few Heaven dates and start banging. Does that love really mean more because it was born in Heaven, an absolute perfect setting? Frankly, I’d think a match made in squalor amidst the wretchedness of filth and pain would be a more long lasting and meaningful relationship. If you want to call compliment two people’s connection then call it a “Match made in a slum” because if you’ve ever seen two hobos in love before then you know there’s no greater love on earth. Meanwhile, can two wealthy people who live the pinnacle of a high class existence ever really experience true love? They’ll never know until they’re forced to live on the streets.

"Oh my god... She's an angel!"
"Yeah, no shit."

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