Dumbass Sayings: “The Volume of Your Voice Does Not Increase The Validity of Your Argument”

The author Steve Maraboli is credited with quote “The volume of your voice does not increase the validity of your argument.” This is true when dealing in realistic terms, but not always. For example if someone said something with the voice of god booming throughout the entire world, I think a lot of people would believe them regardless of what they were saying. So actually yes if the volume of what you’re saying is loud enough you can fool people into thinking you’re god and thus they will believe your argument is more valid than it is. It has to be super loud though, louder than any voice ever. You’d need insanely large thousand foot tall speakers and a microphone, but if you did this it would increase the validity of what you were saying just a little bit. It may still not be valid, but it would increase the validity which is all we’re trying to do here. We’re not making it valid, we’re merely increasing the validity which means you can go from “Absolutely not valid at all” to “Maybe almost approaching valid” and that would count. This is a poorly worded phrase, basically just a fancy way of saying “Screaming doesn’t make it true” but in its effort to be more elaborate it opens up holes in its own validity.

Try saying "The volume of your voice doesn't increase the validity of your argument" to anyone at a protest. Odds are they'll be screaming too loud to hear you.

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