Dumbass Sayings: “Sent Packing”

Sometimes you visit your grandparents and the only person home is your grandpa. You ask him where grandma is and he says “I sent that bitch packing. It’s over.” I never understood this saying “Sent packing” All that means is you sent someone away to pack their bags. That doesn’t necessarily mean they left. You can get sent packing and still be in the same damn house. You pack first THEN you get sent. No one packs on their way to a destination. If anything this saying should be “Sent packed.” Or maybe if you want exaggerate you say you packed their bags for them and then sent them. This might make sense if it meant you sent the person to a factory in China where they were going to pack items in boxes for 5 cents a day, but I doubt that’s what it’s referring to.

Being sent packing used to be a good thing during the depression.

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