Ask McFartnuggets: "Why Is Ageism Not Taken As Seriously as Racism?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I think Ageism is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. So many people are discriminated against because of their age and it’s just accepted. What is the difference between judging someone incorrectly based on their race and their age? They’re both things that people can’t control and are the source of painful stereotypes. Even sexism is a problem seen as more important than ageism! Ageism is the only one of these big three problems that will affect EVERYONE. Why isn’t it taken more seriously? A White man in America doesn’t have to experience racism or sexism, but he will most likely experience ageism. It affects us all! -- Dorian from Lafayette, Georgia

Dear Dorian:
The thing is, any ageist likely has a beloved member of their family who is in the age range they hate. That’s not always true with racists. Not every racist has Puerto Rican grandparents. If they did and they hated Puerto Ricans you might stop taking them seriously as a racist. Also, you can’t really be ageist against a specific age. No one hates 65-year-olds on the nose, but a racist can specifically hate people from the Phillipines. An ageist would just feel negative toward old people in general which is like a racist saying they feel negative toward everyone in the continent of Asia. That would technically have to include Russia and India and from a racist perspective that doesn’t really make much sense. Ageism by its nature paints hatred with broad strokes, (i.e. discrimination against anyone with grey hair) of course the broader the stroke the thinner the hate and thus the less impactful and threatening. For example, you never see someone beating a person to death because they have grey hair. Also a lot of ageism is a little more valid than racism. If someone gets passed up for a job because they’re 80 then it may be because the employer doesn’t think they’re physically capable of it. Now that’s wrong to assume, but it’s a proven scientific fact that the older you get the closer to death you become and the more your body will deteriorate. It is NOT a proven scientific fact that all Mexicans steal. That’s ultimately why ageism isn’t taken as seriously as racism or even sexism.

Ageism doesn't make sense because we all get older. Racism doesn't make sense either, but we don't all become Dominican.

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