Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Play Slots When They’re Called One Armed Bandits?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Slot machines are called “One armed bandits” and people know this. The folks who play them even refer to them as “One armed bandits” so why would they still play them? Isn’t that like knowingly playing a game called “Rape box”? Who would play a game knowing it’s right in the name that they will lose? -- Jed from Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Jed:
What you don’t understand is some people are severely addicted to gambling. The negatives of losing never really enter their minds. That’s the thing with addiction. The thrill to the addict is worth more than the future pain. They live in the moment. Even if the negative is considered, it’s certainly not a deterrent. Slot machines could be called “Fist Up Your Ass” and if you lost someone at the casino would shove their fist up your ass and people would still play it. At the time a gambler is making their bet they’re only thinking about how they can win and how that will change their life. They may know there’s a chance a bandit will rob them, but there are always negatives in anything. The most brazen among us are those who ignore the wildly probable negatives and continue anyway. The more improbable the odds of success, the bigger the payoff in the event you do win. In that way, the name “one armed bandit” is just a highlighted example of the negative which illustrates the potential jackpot.

If you willingly walk into a "Rape Room" is it still rape?

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