Dumbass Sayings: “I Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly”

Sometimes when you catch Oscar at work looking up information on how to kidnap people he says “Hey you got it all wrong! I wouldn’t hurt a fly!” Oh that’s relieving… Well guess what! I WOULD hurt a fly. So what does that mean? Does that mean I’m some kind of sick freak? No, the fact that you wouldn’t hurt a fly is just as inconsequential as my willingness to hurt flies. Violence towards insects is not generally indicative of a psychotic mind. Sometimes you just need a fly to go away and it won’t leave even though you have the window open. Now if you said “I wouldn’t hurt a mouse” that’s different. People know if you torture mice you’re probably a little weird. So if you want to quell people’s concerns you should say you wouldn’t hurt a rodent. Then again, saying something like that is pretty suspicious so people might be reluctant to believe you. You can’t just tell people who you would and wouldn’t hurt. It’s our actions that matter and people know that. When people tell you all about what they wouldn’t hurt it’s usually meant to cover up their true feelings. The exaggeration makes their true motives obvious.

"I wouldn't hurt a fly! Now people on the other hand..."

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