Dumbass Sayings: “Hall Pass”

Sometimes your wife says “Hey I’m going to Vegas for a long weekend with the girls. You don’t mind if I get a hall pass do you?” Apparently a “Hall pass” is what people are calling the agreement to let a spouse sleep with anyone they want for a predetermined period of time without violating the sanctity of their marriage. I don’t know why this would be called “Hall pass” though. A hall pass is something you get in school that grants you hallway access during classes without getting in trouble. What kind of school did these people go to? Were you fucking in the hallways? Letting your wife sleep with whoever she wants is a little different than getting permission to walk to the bathroom to take a shit during 3rd period. If you’re going to link adultery to school you should call a hall pass” a “Cheat sheet” instead. This term only really makes sense if the “Hall pass” is given to a man and he’s sleeping with women who have very wide corridor-like vaginas. Then and only then I can see the comparison to being in the halls of a school enjoying yourself.

Unfortunately for this person, the Aztecs didn't have hall passes.

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