Dumbass Sayings: “Go Big or Go Home”

Whenever you’re a part of some kind of baking competition people will run up to you and scream “THIS IS THE BIG STAGE NOW, BITCH! GO BIG OR GO HOME!” into your face. Jesus, calm down. Even if you were in a competition to cure cancer that would be a little too over the top. This is a questionable ultimatum to begin with. If I have the choice between “Going big” (whatever the hell that means) and going home, that’s not an obvious choice. I might just go home. That’s not a problem. That actually sounds quite relaxing and soothing right about now. I like home. That’s why it’s called home! It’s a comfortable place to be. Now if this saying was “Go big or go fuck yourself” or “Go big or go to Hell!” then I could understand the importance of “Going big.” Does this mean that homeless people are constantly going big? If that’s the case, going big might be a tad overrated. Big is not the opposite of home. This is a heavily flawed expression.

Okay I'll go home. I don't give a shit.

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