Dumbass Sayings: “Too Soon”

Sometimes when you’re at a funeral for a guy died in a wood chipper and you say “This is really tearing me up” someone says “Too soon!” What people are saying is that the joke is too soon, but in time it will be acceptable or at least less inappropriate. How is that exactly? Why does time make things better? Does it really change what happened? Whether you joke about something a second after it happened or ten years after you’re still making the same joke. If a loved one dies it truly doesn’t matter how much time passes, it’s still going to be painful. Yet you can joke about death and have it not be “too soon.” It all depends on what the joke is. No broad subject is really off-limits, it’s all about how the joke is directed. If it’s a joke narrowly directed to a single person and their family then obviously that’s wrong and you shouldn’t do that. However, if it’s a joke with the tragedy merely playing a role in the joke then that’s different. Those are the types of jokes that you should be able to make.

You think it's okay to joke about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake just because everyone's forgotten about it? Well no one's going to even get the joke now!

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