Dumbass Sayings: “Even The Sun Shines on a Dog’s Ass Some Days”

When you’re out playing a pickup game of basketball with some guys from the neighborhood and hit the game winning shot, Jared says “Even the Sun shines on a dog’s ass some days…” Then he spits at your feet and walks away. Yes, Jared that is true. The Sun does shine on a dog’s ass some days, actually pretty much any time a dog goes outside and it’s not completely cloudy. This isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. The phrase is used to denote a rare occurrence so using such a common occurrence like sunlight making contact with a dog’s ass is a little stupid. Now if it was referring to the Sun shining on a dog’s balls then that makes a little more sense because a dog’s balls are usually on the undercarriage where they wouldn’t be exposed to as much light as the ass. Still, a dog is an animal that likes to be outdoors so that’s still fairly common. Maybe if it was referring to the Sun shining on a Cat’s balls that would be a little more accurate. Still, cats do lay out in front of windows with the Sun on them. If you want to be really accurate you’d say “Even the Sun shines on a morbidly obese man’s dick some days.” I think that would be a much more appropriate illustration of how something very rare can happen.

Looks like today is the day!

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