Dumbass Sayings: “Cold Cocked”

When you punch a guy without any warning and knock them unconscious eyewitnesses say “He just cold cocked him out of nowhere!” Cold cocked? That sounds more like an Eskimo sex act than a punch. If “cold cocked” is a term then why isn’t “warm cocked” a term we use? If it’s called “cold cocking” because you knock a person out cold, then if you punch someone and they don’t get knocked out that should be called a “warm cock” because all you did was make them hot and angry. But you’ll never hear someone say “Hey Jeff warm cocked Frank out behind the bar last night while we all watched.” I guess that sounds too weird to say, yet no one has a problem with cold cocking? I’ve got a problem with this whole calling punching “cocking” thing. Because a “cold cock” could also be called a “sucker punch.” Why are we using this type of language for violence? Like George Carlin once said, “A cocksucker isn’t a bad man, it’s a good woman.”

There's not much of a difference between getting cold cocked and a good fisting.

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