Dumbass Sayings: “Bad Blood”

When two families are warring with each other people say “They have bad blood between them.” Huh? What? It’s amazing that this phrase ever took off because when you actually think about it, it makes zero goddamn sense. How do you have blood between yourself and someone else? The blood is inside you. Hating someone has nothing to do with your blood. If it was that easy we could just force Israelis and Palestinians to go through bloodletting ceremonies and that’d be the end of that! By creating the illusion that hatred is genetically based in DNA you give people an excuse to continue conflicts. This is how conflicts keep continuing because both sides believe it’s just in their blood to hate each other. The way I know this expression is bullshit is because if two people like each other you never say “They have good blood between them.” So if liking someone has nothing to do with blood, hating shouldn’t either. Meanwhile you got Taylor Swift singing about this shit. Let me ask you this, why would anyone have bad blood with someone when they can just “Shake It Off”? Taylor Swift doesn’t even follow her own life advice.

Nothing cures bad blood like a good old fashioned leeching.

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