Dumbass Sayings: “I Love My Kids!”

Sometimes you’re at work and someone will randomly yell “I love my kids!” Okay, that’s well and good. The thing is, that should be a given. You shouldn’t have to tell other people that. Tell your kids that. Everyone else was already assuming you did. This is like saying “I eat food!” Good! We all do! You’d be a little suspicious of someone who said “I eat food!” By stating the obvious it would appear you’re overcompensating for a lie. For instance, the only person in a real world scenario who would ever say “I eat food” would probably be an anorexic person pretending like they didn’t have a problem. So when you say “I love my kids!” Who are you trying to convince? Another strange thing about this is no one says “I love my mother.” When was the last time you heard someone say that to you? Meanwhile compare that to the number of times you hear people talking about how much they love their kids. That’s kind of fucked up. So how about instead of stating the obvious about your kids you take that opportunity to say you love your parents. That would actually be a shock to people and something worth saying a little more often.

The mother's looking one way, the father's looking the other way, and the baby's saying "What do you want from me?"

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