Ask McFartnuggets: “What is the Area of Skin Between The Fingers Called?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Hey what’s the area of skin inbetween my fingers called? Does that even have a name? -- Jenny from Branson, Missouri

Dear Jenny:
What you’re referring to is generally called “webbing.” Now the problem with that is when people have the condition called Syndactyly where the digits are abnormally fused together with skin that’s also called “webbed toes” or “webbed fingers.” So if the abnormal condition is called “webbed” then you can’t refer to the normal unmutated version as the same thing. Therefore, I always like to call the area of skin between my fingers “Finger taints.” I don’t know, I think it fits. If the area between your genitals and butthole is the “taint” then the area between your fingers should be called finger taints. Makes it a little more provocative when you’re home alone on those rainy nights. The nice thing about referring to them as such is they rarely ever come up in everyday conversation so it can just be your little secret. Hope that helps!

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