Ask McFartnuggets: "Is it Wrong To Have Intercourse With Someone Who Has Down Syndrome?"

Love knows no IQ.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I met a really hot chick recently and we’ve been on a few dates already. Now I’m wondering if it’s okay to have sex with her. She’s 30-years-old so she is of age, but she’s mentally handicapped. She has Down Syndrome. I feel a little weird about this. She says she wants to have intercourse, but I don’t know if that consent is still legally binding considering she I’ve been told she has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. Do I need a permission slip from her parents or doctor? I just wanted to ask before I possibly end up in jail for having intercourse with a willing adult! -- Douglas from Kent, Connecticut

Dear Kent:
Well it’s legal to have sex with blonde women so… Haha of course I’m just kidding. To seriously answer your question, this is a very controversial and confusing issue for everyone. Even the courts are usually befuddled on how to deal with this. Personally, I would say it all goes on a case by case basis. You have to take into account the IQ of the person. Now if having sex with really dumb people was against the law you could lock up most of the world, but when it’s “mentally handicapped” that enters a new realm. Once you get past the age of consent it’s really not about a person’s body, it’s about the person’s mind. Some people say “Oh well if it’s about the mind why can’t I have sex with a child genius!” Well to that I say, you observe the age of consent law. It doesn’t matter how old a child’s brain is, but it does matter how young an adult’s brain is. It’s a double standard, but it’s one of the good double standards. If I were you I would just avoid intercourse with the mentally disabled. If you must, cross your t’s and dot your i’s in every way possible. Keep in mind, having sex with a person shouldn’t involve that much legal legwork. You’re kind of defeating the purpose at a certain point.

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