Ask McFartnuggets: “What is The Worst Day of The Week?”

Tuesday or "Tyr's day" was
named after the god of war.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
To me, Monday is my least favorite day. I am curious about what is really the official worst day of the week? -- Mukesh from Riverside, California

Dear Mukesh:
A lot of people hate Mondays, including the fictional cartoon cat Garfield. There’s even a popular phrase “Case of the Mondays” to describe how people feel on Monday. That being said, I never understood why Monday gets all the hate when it comes to what the worst day of the week is. Clearly, Tuesday is a lot worse. At least on Monday most people are collectively adjusting to getting back into the swing of working so there’s a little bit of relaxation. No one wants to be at work on a Monday morning so everyone takes it easy to make up for that fact. By the time Tuesday gets around the week is in full swing and it’s probably the lowest and darkest point of the week. Obviously, Wednesday is better because once you get past that the week is more than half over which is why they call it “Hump Day.” And Thursday is one day away from Friday and Friday is the day everyone thanks God for, which is a bit ridiculous. Tuesday has to be the worst day of the week and I think it’s time people start recognizing that. Monday is just the prelude to the pain and anguish that Tuesday provides. 9/11 happened on a Tuesday. That’s all you need to know. Nothing good ever happens on Tuesday. At least on Monday night there’s football, what does Tuesday have? Nothing.

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