Dumbass Sayings: “Larger Than Life”

Sometimes when you meet someone who’s a really loud asshole they’ll say “Sorry, I just have a personality that’s larger than life!” Do people even think about what this is supposed to mean? Larger than life? What’s larger than life? Seriously thinking about that. What is larger than life? How big is life anyway? The only thing that we can say is bigger than life is death. If everything that ever lives dies then death is always going to be ultimately bigger than life. So you’re saying your personality is death? That doesn’t make much sense. If you’re claiming to be larger than life you may as well also say you smell better than life and jump higher than life, and other things that can’t be proven or make any damn sense at all. I don’t even understand what larger than life is supposed to mean in an abstract sense. Are you trying to say you’re more important than life? That’s beyond arrogant. I think maybe only god or gods would be considered larger than life. So the next time you hear someone calling themselves “Larger than life” they’re basically announcing themselves as a god and you need to watch out for these egomaniacal lunatics.

Oh you're bigger than the known universe? Okay that sounds about right.

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