Five Politically Correct Alternate Names For “Homeless People”

They may have their own
language, but they're just
like me and you.
We all know the terms “hobo” and “bum” can be offensive and are insensitive, but isn’t “homeless” also politically incorrect? These people have homes, their home are the streets and bus stations of the world. What they don’t have are houses. So why are they called “homeless”? If you’re someone who finds the terms “hobo,” “vagrant,” and even “homeless” offensive then check out this list of the top 5 politically correct alternative names for “homeless people”:

1. “Street Folks”
Calling the homeless “street folks” is a nicer less cruel term. You’re not rubbing the fact they don’t have a house in their face, rather you’re just stating that they inhabit the streets which is a fact.

2. “Un-Domestically Tethered Individuals”
When you think about it, if there’s a silver lining to homelessness it’s not having to deal with the annoyances of a family and house. These street folks can be nomadic and are free to go and do whatever they want. That’s not a privilege people tethered to homes have.

3. “The Houseally Challenged”
Remember the homeless don’t lack homes, they lack houses. We can all do a great service to these people by calling them “Houseally challenged” instead. What is a house anyway? It’s a structure. It’s a thing. A home is more important than a house. You can have a home without a house. You can have a home in an apartment, or a cave, or even under a bridge.

4. “Permanently Outdoorsy”
“Homeless” is such a depressing term. “Permanently outdoorsy” lightens the mood a little bit. A lot of people enjoy camping and isn’t being houseally challenged the ultimate camping trip?

5. “World Dwellers”
Why focus on the negative by calling them “homeless”? Why not focus on the positives and use positive energy to help create and facilitate more positivity and call them World Dwellers. They dwell on this earth just like you and I. They’re absolutely no different, they’re just much more intuned with the way the world really works. Most world dwellers are wiser than any housed individual.

They are citizens of the world.

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