Dumbass Sayings: “Thanks For Calling”

When you call any store or restaurant or establishment the person who answers the phone always says “Thanks for calling Best Buy” or “Thanks for calling Red Lobster” or “Thanks for calling Frank’s Dildo Emporium.” Is this really necessary? What the hell is the point of this? You’re just calling to ask a question, that’s not an action that requires thanking. An answer to a question requires thanking. Thanking someone for calling is some patronizing bullshit. Are people really that pathetic that they need to be thanked for every single thing they do? The way you can tell a thank you is completely unnecessary and ridiculous is you can’t say “you’re welcome” after it. You would never be involved in an exchange where you call a place, they say “Thanks for calling Wal-Mart” and you say “You’re welcome.” That would sound insanely stupid, yet saying you’re welcome is the natural response to thank you. So if it sounds wrong then that means the thank you shouldn’t have been given in the first place and it’s just some bullshit phony customer service nonsense that no one even takes seriously. It’s a meaningless formality that neither party gains anything from and that’s why it needs to stop. Let’s cut this crap out, it’s wasting time. If every single phone call ever made to a store got cut down just one or two seconds by eliminating the “Thank you for calling blah blah blah” and replaced it with “Hi,” that would probably add up to months and years of time. This is time that’s currently being wasted by employees and consumers. Thousands of collective manhours are being thrown away by this foolish phony gratitude and it needs to end.

Thank you for calling Crazy Hair Bitches Incorporated! How may I direct your call?

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