Dumbass Sayings: “OK, Google…”

If you have an Android phone then you have the capability to use Google Now where you ask Google for help. The problem with this is you have to say “OK, Google…” out loud before your question or command. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems very awkward. First off, I’d rather say “Hey, Google” or “Yo, Google“ which sound a little more natural. “OK” is the official abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma and feels a bit odd when used an introductory or transitional expletive.

My main issue with this is how stupid it is to say this to your phone in public. Using this function at home, alone, or around friends is fine, but it’s a tad uncomfortable to say “OK, Google, find local dildo stores!” while you’re out and about on the street. Even though it’s easier to just say that to your phone, you’re probably gonna want to just type it in. The only reason you’d want to use this in public is if you were saying “OK, Google… Find jumbo extra large condoms for sale.” Fact is, I’ve never actually seen anyone use this in public and I think it’s because of how weird and sad it still is to talk to your phone like it’s a person. Maybe when the technology advances a little more and your HTC Thunderbolt has the full intellect of an actual human being it’ll be easier to hold conversations with a telephone. Frankly, that’s a startling concept and once we reach that point in artificial intelligence, saying “OK, Google, find herpes medication” at a nightclub is going to be the least of your worries.

"OK, Google... How do I become less socially awkward?"

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